Jun 20, 2017 38

A day in a Washington Rainforest

Many people travel to South America to see the rainforests in Brazil, but many do not know that Washington state not only has one, but two rainforest. Now while not tropical, the Quinault and Hoh rainforests are temperate. 

I set out wanting to capture the beauty of nature and all it's glory with my handy A6000. 

Starting out at the local ranger station, I traveled up the well beaten ... er well kept up trails. What seemed to be a short hike of 2 miles, I didn't take into account the elevation changes. 

For the most part, all I had on me was water, small backpack, and my A6000 with small tripod. I set it up on things like fallen trees and rocks to get the long exposures for the waterfalls. 

The entire hike was refreshing. Getting out into nature and seeing it's glory made everything seem better. 

There was an older lady that I met while resting on the bridge, trying to catch my breath. She appeared to be a local and knew all about the rainforest. We chatted for awhile and she took of trotting down the paths. 

The end was close. I was tired. I knew I had about a quarter mile back to my truck. All of a sudden I heard footsteps behind me. The same lady I met 30 minutes ago finished her speed walk of a certain portion of the trail and was making her way back too. Boy... do I need to do this more. I need to get back into a shape other than round. 

The A6000 made the trip easy because it was lightweight and easy to carry. The photos, as you seen above, came out amazing.