Nov 15, 2016 263


Many, many years ago I found a book called "Quintessence" - it had beautiful B&W photos of items that had that certain something that made them special. The Montblanc Diplomat pen, an Ace comb, a Dixon Ticonderoga No: 2 pencil to name the more well known things they felt had "it". In the list was the No. 2 bag. It caught my eye with the classic use of canvas and leather in the perfect "away for a weekend" size. My wife, bless her heart, found one in NYC and it's been my loyal, reliable traveling companion ever since. It's been to every New England state, several cities in Canada, North and South Carolina on business trips more times than I can remember. Nebraska, Wisconsin, Indiana, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania and quite a few trips to my second favorite city (NYC is number 1) - San Francisco. On a return trip from SF, my well used but still beautiful bag sustained damage to one of the zippers. Overhead bin abuse was my analysis and I was worried that it was irreparably damaged. At the Ghurka store in NYC, the sales staff person was quick to assure that these bags are made of the best materials and that she would send it to the shop for an estimate. A few weeks later, the bag arrived at my home - clean, and perfectly repaired. No charge was the small note inside. Oh happy day! Yes my long-time traveling companion was back and as good as new. 

I recently had a week-long business trip to Sugar Bush, VT to write an article about the annual Porsche Club meet (called Parade) and my Ghurka No. 2 came along in the trunk of the of my Porsche (a perfect fit). (Read about it in the December issue of Excellence Magazine.) A classy event to bring a classic bag/  

This bag is a lifetime purchase and will probably be a treasure to an heir - it's that good.I think we all need to own at least one thing that's considered "best of breed" and Ghurka products qualify. However, I would put the No. 2 at the top of the list. That's where it is for me and where it will remain.