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Cat Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements: Yes, They Work

Pets and cats nutritional supplements ignite a debate very often - do our pets really need nutritional support and supplements? Like many of us take a daily nutrients and multivitamin supplement. Does our cat need that too?

Here are some insights that can explain if your feline really needs supplements and nutritional support in order to be healthy.

According to the recent report of Bernadine Cruz, DVM, American Veterinary Medical Association Council -“In several years, the interest and need of nutritional supplements for people and their pets has really detonated into a multi-billion dollar industry.” With such a huge and lucrative market, it’s also true that, today, anyone regardless of their experience and expertise, can easily set up an enticing Cat Nutrition online shop to claim that their nutritional support supplements can help one’s pet feel healthier and younger. But have you assessed whether these cat supplements live up to their promises and claims? Or, does your pet really need supplements?

Cat Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements play a crucial role in making your pet healthier and live longer

Today, every cat supplement manufacturer is promising and claiming to provide products that are extension of cat’s diet, and hence by adding it they are helping cats live a longer and healthier life. But the truth is your cat could be healthy only when a well-tested and good quality cat supplement is given. By giving your cat(s) unnecessary vitamins and minerals support, especially without consulting your vet, could cause them harm than may impact their health.

To prevent your cat from underlying sufferings, you should give them supplement and nutritional support. But it’s important to remember that you should always consult with your vet and avoid giving your cat unproven veterinary medicines and supplements. Moreover, giving supplement doesn’t mean that you should not give your cats a complete and balanced diet. Your cat needs a healthy diet with necessary supplements so you should maintain a balance between both of them.

Supplements cure deficiencies and help in maintaining a healthier life

Most of the people think that pets need a supplement whenever they are suffering from any medical condition. But that’s not entirely true. By having proper supplements and nutrients; you are making your cat to absorb a specific vitamin and nutrient, which your pet may be in dire need of. These supplements are important especially when your cat is suffering from some deficiencies and diseases like small intestinal disease, or may be your cat is pregnant and while nursing she may develop a few nutritional deficiencies. So in those cases your cat requires nutritional support. To reiterate an important point, you should consult your vet before using the any such product.

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