May 07, 2017 21

Sony a6300 - My first camera and it's travel log.

My name is Dillon Ozuna. I am an American living permanently in Norway, currently studying Social Anthropology at the University of Bergen. I bought the a6300 model after months of research into what camera is best for an intermediate level, and was not disappointed. My lenses included the kit lens that follows the camera itself, and a Sony 55-200 f/4-5.6 e-mount lens.

I bought the camera while visiting family in Texas summer 2017--where the camera was immediately brought along on roadtrips to Alabama, Georgia, back through New Orleans and home again. In the fall I went on a 4 months exchange program to La Paz, Bolivia, for school. As a Social Anthropology student, I felt it to be important to invest in the right equipment to document fieldwork and travelling. 

During the fall period I also brought the camera with me for a short trip to Los Angeles alone when the opportunity presented itself, my first time there as well. The last travels I had with the camera were with my stepfather, mother and girlfriend to the Spanish island of Tenerife. I then came home late in December and sold the camera to afford a ticket back to Texas, as my grandmother was in the hospital dying, something that had happened rather fast. I did not make it in time, but I did make it for her funeral and stayed with my mom and granddad some weeks.

If I had the money, I would most likely buy the camera again. Instead, I am going to save up for a a7II and continue using the mirrorless-technology for now, as I had such good experiences with the a6300 for that short period. I have entered this contest to show the results and the camera's capabilities--but also to contend for the RX100 V--the perfect companion for any travels. The first photo is of a local woman at the Rodriguez Market in La Paz, Bolivia, waiting for customers. Fresh smells of fruits and vegetables permeate the air--as well as cooked meats and local food.