May 17, 2017 14

My trip to Europe

My name Is Diego I am from Quito-Ecuador I was planning my trip to Europe almost 1 year ago, the challenge was the question every photographer does what camera and lens should I take? well I found out that the Sony A7SII low light beast matched with the Sony RX10 III has everything I wanted to make 10 cities in 20 days and since I was low on budget I had no chance to check any luggage with the cheap Europe Flights It was just me the 2 cameras a couple of wide angle lenses and a 50 f1.1 for the bokeh the tripod and 2 t-shirts, and let me tell you I never missed any of my gear that I had to leave behind at home

My trip Started in Madrid Spain beautiful city as I said before A7SII is a low light beast people just went close to my lcd screen when I was taking pictures and were saying how do you do that thats cheat well I try to explain to them that the A7SII was from another world when it comes to night photography, since I was moving so Fast and there were places that seemed too dangerous the Tripod with 1/10 shutter speed was not an option without that camera I wouldn't make it

Paris and Versalles Palace was the next stop awesome city with full frame Sensors and Wide angle lens is easier to take people out of the picture since you can be closer to stuff you want to picture I got some beautiful 480fps video too with the RX10 III I have to edited

Warsaw-Poland was a great city to photograph the unity of the old with the new since almost every building was destroy after world war II 

Well all the roads lead to Rome Italy a lot of history in that City, once again I was saved by my full frame sensor and wide angle 12mm Lenses

 2 hours from Rome by car there was this city called Siena such a nice place it was like it was frozen with the time everything was so old and so well preserved loved the city didnt miss my  heavy 70 200 since I got the RX10 III I got all the shots I wanted 

2 hours jorney and I was in Maranello the legendary city of Enzo Ferrari all those super cars are made in that city and of course there is a Museum, I had to wait 3 hours to get some shots without all the people walking arround but i Got it

next day I made Pisa and florence i one day its so hard when you dont have all the time you need to get shots without people

Venice- Italy it was my favorite city to photograph all the weird places the Gondolas the sea and of course the water with the smooth reflection app was a lifesaver.. again I didnt miss my old nd filters thanks Sony I m such a fan

back to Spain-Barcelona I had to go to Barcelona Stadium and of course the great Sagrada Familia Church I think it was the best of all the churches I visit, and the smooth reflection app again saved my day back in the beach

and the last day in Madrid again... I am so happy with all the pics I could take with me as I said I didn't got any more space in my bags so the only souvenirs i have are this pictures  thank you Sony for make it happen I can't imagine making this trip with those heavy Canon or Nikon bodies and a bunch of lenses I was walking almost 6 miles daily with all the bags and stuff still y back hurts but I finally make it I wish I got the RX100  In this trip there was a lot of moments I couldn't get the any camera of the bag because some places were too dangerous and RX100 fits in any pocket so I guess I ll never know, still tried to take it with the phone but you know it was a crappy picture