Apr 29, 2017 8

Discovering the love for the world

With a bit of extra income, I decided to pick myself up a Sony a6000 for my first trip up to Mammoth, CA. As we ventured on the long, 6hr drive, from Los Angeles to Mammoth, we made a few pit stops for fellow photographers to take pictures on the way. 

Once we reached Mammoth, someone made the suggestion to stop at Convict Lake. With winds at 20mph and temperatures at 42°F, the group was not super crazy about stepping out and shooting; meaning we had a very short visit there.

I decided to pull my camera, tripod, and light jacket to see if I can take a quick shot or two. I secured my A6000 onto my tripod, dialed in my ISO and exposure, and hoped for the best. As the shot was being written on to my card, the display popped up and I could not believe my eyes. In my eyes, it was pitch black, cold, and windy; from the eyes of the A6000, the moon was rising over the mountain top, the sky was clear, and the mountains were covered in snow. 

Since this picture(unedited), I refound my drive for photography and a newly found passion to travel to see the world. I take my camera everywhere with me, to capture moments in time that can retell a story to myself. If it wasn't for this shot, I probably would never have traveled to the places I've been or captured the moments I have.