Hello, I'm a sex toy designer.

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I have been an industrial designer for over 13 years, I have designed products from hair brushes to furniture. Currently, I am the co-founder and lead designer of CRAVE, a San Francisco-based company specializing in modern sex toys.

I love industrial design because it is a very direct way to create the world around you. I love the entire process of bringing products to market, from ideation to commercialization. But most importantly, I believe I am a designer of purpose. It is not just about bringing products to market, but meaningful products with purpose and intent.

Why can’t a sex toy be as sophisticated and well-considered as any other modern product in your life?

I started to design adult products when I started my first company INCOQNITO in 2008 which brought together the idea of sex toys and jewelry. My intent was to elevate the notion of sex toys, by creating products that are discreet, luxurious, and functional. Later, INCOQNITO was acquired by CRAVE and I became co-founder and Chief Pleasure Officer. I lead the design, user research and dabble in various marketing and branding efforts, basically whatever it takes to make things happen- in the typical manner of a startup founder.

As a designer, I love what I do. I have never been more fulfilled in my work. It is my sincerest hope to continue to help remove shame and stigma from female pleasure through well-designed products and experiences. I am thrilled that we have been experiencing a cultural shift, especially in the last few years, where people are becoming more open about pursuing the pleasure they want and overcoming the cultural taboo and stigma. 

I also enjoy supporting other women in industrial design since there aren't that many of us. I run a local SF meetup - Women in ID and I'm also co-chair of the Women in Design section of IDSA

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We make the pursuit of pleasure just that much more accessible.

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