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Wild Ginseng Wisconsin An Ancient Therapeutic Herb

Since the ancient times, herbs have been important for many. As primitive people scavenged for food, finding which plants were palatable, they discovered plants with medicinal characteristics. These restorative plants were highly valued as they offered people a means for treating medical issues. As people’s involvement with herbs matured, they noticed specific properties of different herbs. For instance, a few herbs promoted sweating, which helped when a man was in the beginning phase of a cold. A few herbs had anti-rheumatic properties and alleviated pain in the joints. Still, other herbs had diuretic properties or were discovered to relax the inner self, hence curing insomnia or mental confusions. One of the most common ancient herbs is the Ginseng.

Wild Simulated Vs Cultivated Ginseng

Ginseng is either grown in forest environment or field cultivated. The color of the wild ginseng roots is dark tan, and it has a gnarled appearance. Wild roots have a small size and are very light. The color of the cultivated ginseng roots is cream, and it has a smooth and bulky texture. Anyhow, with regards to quality and value both ginseng are the same. 

China and Korea are some of the famous regions where ginseng grows. In the United States, there are an akin ginseng species known as American ginseng, that primarily grows in the northeastern part of the US. Wisconsin has some high-quality American Ginseng. Originally, the wild Ginseng Wisconsin is a perennial plant. The root is collected in the spring or autumn and is dried comprehensively in order to be used.

Ginseng Intake In Form Of Tea

The standard dosage of wild ginseng Wisconsin is 1.5 to 9 grams. There are various ways of ginseng intake, but the most common one is as a tea. To prepare ginseng tea, take a ginseng root or part of a root and place it in a pot with some water. Heat the water to the point of boiling and after that boil vigorously for ten minutes. Then lower to a medium boil for around 35 minutes. In the end, you will be left with a few cups of concentrated tea.


Ginseng has vitalizing and calming effects and helps regulate the functions of the body.