May 09, 2017 4

There I am - Alone

At the port in Duisburg, this old man was sitting in his wheelchair and feeding birds as they came by, thanks to him I was able to take the photos, -> my last 3 deviations, it would not have been possible without him.

Afterwards, I walked up to the man and thanked him for the opportunity, he nodded.

I walked on and got back a time later, he had no bread anymore, the animals were gone, he was sad and staring to the floor.

I went to the next italian restaurant and bought a bread, gave it to him and the man was satisfied.

I talked to him a bit, he's living in a old people's home, his family passed away- lost his son, the only person that was there for him in a car accident.

He was alone,- birds were there for him, were his 'friends',- as long as he had enough bread.

That's where our conversation came to an end, I had to leave.

There was a name on his wheelchair, on a small piece of paper, hs last name and his room-number.

I am sending him a couple of copies of my photographs.

Those images made me think a lot.. are you afraid of getting old ? - I am,- and time is fading.. too fast.