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Import Export Data and its Importance in International Trade

Global trade, also known as international trade is simply the process of importing and exporting goods and services across the national boundaries. Import and export of products and services are the most important aspect of the global economy. The basic concept for both import and export is very simple. The sale of good to the foreign country is referred to as the export of goods, and on the other hand, the purchase of foreign manufactured goods in the buyer’s domestic market is referred to as the import of goods. Countries are often importing goods that can be more efficiently and economically manufactured by another country and emphasises on producing and exporting the goods in which it surpasses at manufacturing.

Import and export data and its significance

The import export data and reports are based on the operational documents that are required in import and export business like the bill of lading, shipping bill, invoices, bill of entry and import bills, etc. The import export data reveals the trade secrets such as who is the importer, who is the exporter, at what price, how much quantity has been imported and exported along with the details of source and destination. With the help of export import data, you can easily get information about what your competitors are importing and exporting, from where they export and import from, which market has the potential for your products, and what are the threats, risk and challenges in international business.


• The import export data assist you in understanding the market trends and devise their policies.

• The traders can easily get the information about the market movements with the help of import and export data.

• The import export data aids in boosting up the economic status of the nation.

• You can flourish your business with the help of import export data and even also distinguish it in the competitive industry.

• With the help of actual import export data, you can easily analyse the company’s investment and its global value.

• Any company can easily increase the credibility of the firms using the precise import export data.

Summary:- The importing and exporting helps in growing the national economies and also expands the global market. Imports are crucial for both businesses, and individual consumers as the imported products often provide better price and more choices to consumers that help in increasing their standard of living. On the other hand, the more a country exports, a domestic economic activity is occurring and thus its gross domestic product increases. Also, the net exports increase the wealth of the country.