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The Advantages Of OEM Glass For Your Car

One of the most important decisions that a car owner will be asked to make when he or she goes in for a windshield replacement is that of the glass quality. To be able to comprehend the choice that you will be faced with, you need to know about the different types of glasses available and understand which is best for your car. Your Wagon R front windshield glass price will depend on this choice.

The choices you will be given when you for looking for a replacement windshield are - Dealer glass, OEM glass, and aftermarket glass. Dealer glass is the windshield that has been manufactured by the vendor who supplies windscreens to the car's manufacturer. This is the best quality of glass that you can find and is also the most expensive. Aftermarket glass is inexpensive compared to dealer glass and OEM glass but is more likely to vary in thickness, colour, and quality making it less durable. It is also the most vulnerable to damage.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass is a high-quality windshield that matches the specifications of the original car front glass. It is similar to the windshield that the automobile manufacturer had installed when the car was bought. It may, however, be produced by a third-party vendor. Sometimes the OEM glass may be manufactured by a vendor who used to produce dealer glass but now no longer supplies to the automobile manufacturer. In these cases, there is absolutely no difference between dealer glass and OEM glass.

OEM glass is more expensive than aftermarket glass but not as expensive as dealer glass. It, however, lends the car the same structural support and clarity as dealer glass. Usually, the only difference between the dealer glass and the OEM glass is the fact that the brand name or logo that is absent in OEM glass. Unlike aftermarket glass, OEM glass is manufactured to suit the car make and model.

It is important to remember that even though the OEM Maruti Wagon R windshield price may be higher than the aftermarket glass, the protection and safety of the car’s occupants are well worth the cost. If you are claiming insurance for the windshield replacement of your car, it is possible that the insurer will be willing to pay only for aftermarket glass. This may be a good time to negotiate a solution by getting the OEM windshield installed and offering to pay the difference.