Apr 08, 2019 0

How To Ensure The Windshield's Strength

Driving is a tedious task in a country like India where traffic jams and car accidents are common occurrences. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you ensure your complete safety and security while driving. Although the windshield may appear to be a trivial element of the car, it is one of the most essential safety features.

Just like the engine, brake fluid, and tires, the car windshield needs care as well. As easy as it may look, cleaning the car glass requires a bit of patience. It is not just about eliminating dust; you also have to take care of scratches, chips, and little cracks that may occur on the windshield. Mind you, a little care can help you save a lot of money that you might splurge on the car windshield price for purchasing a new one.

Here we give you some tips to take care of your car windshield without any hassle:

Regular Cleaning: This one is a no brainer. The car windshield faces the perils of bugs, dirt, hard water spots, and sometimes even bird-droppings on a regular basis. Use a high-quality glass cleaner to clean the surface properly. Also, make sure to avoid ammonia-based solutions as they can damage the integral structure of the car windshield.

Keep it away from sunlight: Always use the option to park in the shade if possible. If your car is exposed to sunlight for an excess amount of time, the opulent seat covers will get damaged gradually. Further, when the windshield heats up too much owing to the long exposure to sunlight and the AC is suddenly blasted inside the car, the sudden change in temperature causes existing cracks and chips to expand. Repairing a cracked windshield might put a little pressure on your pocket, which is why extra precautions are required.

Replace the wiper blades if necessary: In some cases, wipers can wear out and cause damage to your car windshield. Once the rubber layer embedded in the wipers hardens, it causes scratches on the windshield. Such damages can obstruct the clear view of the road and create problems while driving. Besides replacing the windshield, also replace the blade wipers that are worn out.

Drive safe: While driving on a highway or any rough terrain, keep your vehicle at a safe distance from the others. Driving fast on gravel roads can be dangerous as the stones can toss back on the windshield and damage it. Such damages result in small chips or cracks that either require repairing or replacement.