Apr 08, 2019 0

Double-Hung Windows: A Rustic Yet Contemporary Approach

While choosing windows for houses, many people prefer to go for traditional designs that give their house a classic, or even antique look. At the same time, they also wish that the functionality and convenience of the windows remain intact so that the utility is not interfered with. One common example is that of Double-Hung windows, that are considered antique, or classical in nature, as they are usually found in traditional houses.

A Double-Hung window typically has an upper and lower window sash, capable of sliding past each other in a single casement. The lower sash stays featured in front of the upper sash and the sliding aspect is facilitated by side jambs that allow them to slide past each other. This type of windows allows a full-window screen or a half-screen that helps in controlling ventilation. The other reason is that the top vent allows warm air to easily escape, while the bottom vent allows cool air to flow in.

Since these windows belong to the Georgian era, it is obvious that they will look quite elegant and add to the aesthetic of your house. Further, modern solutions add to the functionality of the window design and eliminate any problem that you would have faced related to security and maintenance.

While the design may seem old and out-dated, modern innovations have allowed hardware that enables the same ease of operation as any other type of window. Options apart from the traditional sash lift handles are available, like the square sash lift handle or the curved sash lift handle. Also, specially designed sash locks are designed for improved safety and security. Insulation is another advent that has helped in increasing energy efficiency. Tilt in sashes is also available now, that offer protection from UV light. Moreover, this makes cleaning the window significantly easier.

Besides, after uPVC doors and windows made their appearance, the Double-Hung windows can also be given a tough uPVC frame. Wood and aluminum are other options you can consider. Previously, the design was heavy and difficult to operate, but uPVC frames provide ease in operation and made it a convenient option.

Another benefit is that installing air conditioners won’t cause problems since the sashes can be moved up and down easily. Overall, Double-Hung windows are not an intimidating choice as they were earlier due to better innovations and add great aesthetic features to your house.