May 11, 2018 7

DIY Tips - Servicing Your Car Regularly

Taking your treasured car for servicing at centers only once a year is simply not enough. Manually servicing your car every month is important to ensure the long life of your car. Contrary to the popular belief, servicing your car on your own is not a very difficult task. You may seek professional help if you are new to this to help you out with small things such as checking tire pressure, maintaining the car windscreen and other auto glass, treating scratches, and other important things. Here are a few points for you to service your car at home:

Clean it inside out

Cleaning your car is like dusting your own room. All you have to do is grab a vacuum cleaner, a pair of gloves, some soap solution and a dry cloth. To clean your car from outside, it is best to use a proper car wash solution instead of a regular soap solution. An unclean car is a host to a lot of germs which can be bothersome to the passengers. If your car has been gathering dust and grime lately, then it may lead to internal machinery damage as well.

Check the tire pressure

Every time you cove few hundred kilometers, the car tires lose some amount of air pressure. Interestingly something as small as tire pressure can lead to many problems such as brake failures, reduced mileage, and of course in some cases flat tires. Check your tires on a regular basis and if you need to refill the tires with air frequently, go to a service center to get them checked.

Windshields and mirrors are important

The automobile’s windshield and the rear-view mirror are your eyes while driving and you need to repair them immediately if they are damaged. Taking care of the windshields is essential and a good idea because a Toyota, Chevrolet or a Mahindra Bolero windshield price is a considerable amount and should be avoided whenever possible.

Maintaining interiors

The interiors of a car typically include dashboard, seats, stereo, etc. Unkept interiors are not only a home for germs but also make your car look shabby. Cleaning the interiors of your car regularly is advisable.