Aug 17, 2018 0

A Brief History of Windshields

The auto glass we call windshield has stood the test of time and cemented its place as one of the most critical components of the car governing its security. Windshields have transformed over time to not just work as a glass shield that protects the passengers from flying debris and harsh weather, but it also provides structural support to the automobile. A safety precaution that was commonplace in the 19th century was that of drivers wore goggles as protection from the wind and the dust. After all, the cars back then didn’t have a roof or a solid front glass. Let’s look back in time and understand how windshields evolved.

Gas-powered automobiles saw the first set of windshields installed around early 1900s. These windshields were made of two-pieced plate glass. The driver had to peal of one layer when it got too dirty which made the windshield more vulnerable to damage. Moreover, glass repair was not an option back then. This cumbersome process also led to the invention and installation of the first kind of windshield wipers, called Forberths, which needed manual intervention – the driver had to use a crank to move the wipers from side to side. It took another fifty years for alternating powered windshields to appear in the commercial market.

The year 1919 saw the legendary Henry Ford implementing windshield technology invented by Edouard Benedictus. Benedictus who was a French scientist, had invented a windshield design that had two layers of plate glass separated by a cellulose layer. This new design kept the plate glass together instead of shattering into pieces on any heavy impact or an accident. While the design drew rave reviews, and showed superiority when compared to previous windshield designs, the cellulose layer also had a drawback – it used to discolour over time, thus hampering the view. The year 1934 witnessed the birth of the trademark curved windshield that marked improved aerodynamics and reduced drag while travelling.

Today, every aspect of a windshield, from the installation technique to the technology used in creating the windshield has redefined the automobile security. A sturdy windshield that is properly installed and set in place can help prevent injuries in event of an accident. Fixing chips and cracks or even replacing the windshield has become much easier. While an expert is the best diagnostician for your windshield, it can be said that many chips and small cracks can be taken care of with the help of adhesive resin. Ultraviolet lights then seal the resin to restore the integrity of the windshield.

Windshield for modern cars are customised to full strength & security. It is for these reasons that you must spend a Renault Duster windshield price in case it has been damaged severely. Never underestimate any damage to your windshield. Get expert consultation and always take the next steps as needed.