Sep 25, 2017 10

Tech Talk: The New Fashionista presented by #lifespaceux #DeeCoGroup#LATINISTAFashionWeek #HelloBeautiful

Tech Talk: The New Fashionista: How Tech is Changing How We Do Life + Business was an exciting panel where we discussed the digital space and New Technology. + Latinista Fashion Week with DeeCoGroup hosted the event in conjunction with Sony Life Space at 25 Madison Avenue that had an array of panel speakers from the Digital community. DCG media partner #HelloBeautiful stream the event LIVE and share tips on what can help expand your business shared by DanielleJames-Style+Beauty Editor. In addition, the panel had key players from travel, fashion, retail, such as Sachin Narode of Xeniapp, Esmeralda Cruz of Ec-Opps, Cesar Galindo of Cesar Galindo Collections and Tamica Fields of Sony Life Space with Moderator, Dee Rivera, CEO of + DeeCoGroup PR.

The most impressive products that stood out at the SONY Life Space UX was the music playing coming from the glass lamp on the table. The light bulbs hanging on top of the dining room table were speakers..#Impressive. #lifespaceux

Sony Life Space is an amazing place to start and the information they offered was key for those who want a visual experience