May 07, 2016 4

Don't Be That Guy

Imagine sitting in a restaurant when you hear it. That sucking noise that means someone has reached the end of their drink. You wait for it to stop, but it doesn’t. The noise is driving you insane!

How do you deal with this situation?

1. You get up, walk over and punch the guy right in the face.

2. You get up and politely ask the gentleman to get a refill.

3. You purchase a That Guy T-shirt for this exact situation.

Let’s go over these options.

1. Walking up and punching the guy is going to give you a moment of satisfaction. However, it will be short lived due to the assault charge that is sure to follow.

2. Getting up and politely asking the gentleman to stop seems like the perfect answer to this scenario. However, he has the ability to say no and now you are embarrassed with nothing to show for it.

3. A That Guy T-shirt allows you to let the gentleman know that he is bothering you without the confrontation. Purchasing the shirt will also let other people know they are not alone. Many people find Drink Slurpers annoying, but think they are the only ones. Let the world know you can’t stand it, and rid the streets of Drink Slurpers. 

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