Jul 30, 2019 0

Shahid Usman Balwa Expands On Real Estate Marketing And How Is It Evolving?

The real sector is a vast industry in India and the marketing for real estate business is a high-investment category. It is now centred around creating brand value, reputation, and trust in the market economy. As prominent real estate developers like Shahid Usman Balwa are now concentrating on different methods to reach out to the customer base in the modern era, real estate marketing has begun to play a much larger role in the real estate industry. In earlier days, marketing used to focus primarily on sales and profits but nowadays, it also pays attention to customer retention, brand building, CSR, etc.

As the market is now being flooded with numerous varieties of latest upcoming projects by Shahid Usman Balwa, Director, DB Realty and many others, it is very important to create an identity to a unique brand to stand out from the huge crowd of the real estate industry. At this stage, marketing takes a grand leap while creating a competitive edge.

While knowing about the evolution of real estate marketing in India, you need to remember the fact that sales and marketing go hand-in-hand in the real estate industry. They align their goals and work towards achieving them together. Both sales and marketing teams are dependent on the loyalty of the customers, identity of the brands, and brand awareness. Joint role of advertisement plays a very crucial and effective role here. It is a fact that even the best of all projects could not be sold in the market without advertising and marketing campaigns.

Real estate marketing helps a lot in building and developing more loyal customers and also help in creating new markets. Real estate developers want their brands or projects to create an impeccable aura of dependability, uniqueness, and trust. So, marketing for real estate industries involves a lot of techniques and tools which help in highlighting the best practices of any realty brand. Print and Outdoors is the most common marketing tool in the real estate sector. It is normally employed by most of the real estate agents in their marketing issues. Now additional platforms for marketing have evolved with the advent of the internet. They include websites, weblogs, social networking sites, emails, and forums. Almost every brand wants to boost up its digital appearance and presence. They take leverage upon their digital identity to deal with the challenges posed by changing consumer preferences.

An innovative market strategy is the best and the only solution to achieve the desired status in this highly competitive market. A market campaign which is regular, effective, and frequent increases the sales and builds a strong customer base. There is a paradigm shift in the marketing strategies in the last decade that it now focuses on changing the expectations and aspirations of the consumers. This took place to meet the objectives of the companies in the long run. They are looking forward to spreading their wings across multiple segments and to increase their share of the profit.