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We are a user-centered innovation and design firm, founded by leaders from IDEO in 2007. We create new offerings for positive change and business success.

Product Innovation

From initial concepts through to detailed engineering, Daylight thrives on developing groundbreaking new products — and has the deep technical expertise to make them real.

Meaningful product innovation is best realized when user insight is coupled with creativity and deep implementation skills. “Could this mechanism be simpler?” “Does this feature resonate fully with user need?” “Will this industrial design not only function well, but also delight?” Questions like these constantly play in our minds as we strive to develop great products.

Our experience is diverse: For Back to the Roots we developed an early idea into a successful product that is reconnecting people with their food nationwide. For Logitech, we’ve reinvented what a webcam could be with the Logitech Broadcaster, and have enabled anyone with a TV to communicate via Skype, with the Logitech HD TV Cam. On a completely different front, we are working on a program funded by the Gates Foundation to develop a product that will save the lives of infants by helping to ensure they get vaccines at the optimal stages of their development.

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Back to the Roots

We're on a mission to make food personal again, and inspire families to ask "where does my food come from?"

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