Dec 27, 2017 12

The Best Choice To Beautify The Wall With Decorative Wall Panels

Have you been looking for ways to beautify your home but aren’t keen on the effort and expense of a complete renovation? One way to beautify your home without it costing an arm and a leg or taking much effort is to add some decorative wall panels. They can be used in any room of the home in myriad ways, helping to give it that designer look you crave. In the list below, we have outlined just some of our favourite ways to use these panels:

• Split the Room

If you have a large room that you are currently using for dual purposes – such as a combined dining and living room or a guest bedroom that also doubles as a home office –use panels to visually divide the space into these sections. As well as helping to define the distinct uses of each space, this can also allow you to direct traffic the way you want. You don’t have to completely line the space with screens, one or two will do.

• Visual Flair

Bring some colour and pattern into your home with panels that double as works of art. Why not tuck one into a corner, flush against the wall, to add a bit of style without detracting from your carefully chosen furnishings? To soften the angles of the corner, choose a screen with more of a curved design. Placing one behind a couch that sits diagonal in the corner of a room can also eradicate that triangular gap that occurs.

• Hide an Eyesore

If your home overlooks a busy road or your neighbour’s backyard, you can use decorative wall panels to help you pretend that this outside world doesn’t exist. Screens can help you to maintain privacy and camouflage an ugly view. Choose one with a pattern busy enough that it masks what’s going on behind it but that is airy enough to let sunlight through. Place furniture in front of it as you would with any other wall.

• Alternative Art

Some people just aren’t very artistic by nature, which can make choosing pieces for the home quite difficult. Why not make the choice easier by mounting a panel on a blank expanse of wall. Run it from floor to ceiling for a dramatic look and you’ll find that you don’t actually have to display much else in the way of art. Screens can also make a dramatic backdrop for your bed, giving it a larger than life feel.

• Improve Usefulness

Panels can be equipped with everything, from small chalkboards to pockets that you can store objects in. This means they can be useful in helping you to organize your home office, kitchen or even a playroom whilst adding some visual interest. If the screen happens to be located near to your home telephone, you can turn one side of it into a makeshift command centre with a pad for notes and so on.

We hope that you have found the tips and ideas shared above insightful for beautifying your own home with decorative wall panels. No matter what room you’re hoping to dress up a little or for what purpose, these panels could be just the design solution you’ve been looking for. Laser cutter is a great means of cutting the design you want, and it is now compatible with a wide variety of materials (from metal and timber to plastic and some fabrics).