Apr 29, 2017 4

Videographer turned photographer

I used to be a Canon person. I worked with a Canon 60D for years before I even thought about changing models. It wasn't until I laid my hands on a Sony mirrorless camera that made me need to switch.

I started out as a videographer first. Photography was never my thing. Not being able to see my final image until I took the picture made it hard for me, so I didn't even try most of the time.

When I was first hired on as a videographer for a University under their marketing team I was introduced to a Sony A7sii. I was hooked from the beginning. I created amazing content with that camera. And I still do. Here's a look at what that camera can do.

Not only were the video capabilities amazing, but I started shooting photos as a hobby because it was so easy to look into the viewfinder and shoot the photo exactly how I wanted it.

Being able to use that camera for work just made me want my own to carry around. I started looking into the Sony mirrorless line of cameras and I found myself slowly growing connected to the features of the A6300. It offered all of the features that the A7sii, expect in a smaller package.

The camera fit my budget and I purchased one shortly after my research. Now I can create amazing photos and videos outside of my job. The camera is everything I expected it to be and so much more. I actually want to post photos on Instagram now. Just take a look at my feed.

Sony has changed my entire experience with photos and video. I am extremely happy that I made the switch. I think Sony is hitting all of the right notes in the market and because of that I am a lifetime Sony member.