Jun 29, 2017 431

The journey of photographer dad.

I switched to Sony back in 2015, just prior to my first born son (pictured above) arriving into the world. My first experience with Sony mirrorless cameras was with the fabulous A6000 and the FE 55mm F1.8 Zeiss, which to date is still one off the best lenses I have ever used.

I had bought this combination because I had grown tired of the relative lack of innovation from Nikon and Fuji, both of which I have shot with extensively over the years. I was ready for something new and wanted it all in place prior to the birth of my son. I knew I wanted to capture every moment of his life and figured this was the perfect gear to do just that, and the perfect moment to jump into a new ecosystem.

Prior to the birth of my son, my main passions were in landscape and street photography. It was therefore, with my Sony gear that my love for portraiture started to grow. The first few months of his life didn't go as I expected at all; I was too busy learning how to be a father to focus on photography. Then something happened, and I just could not put the camera away. 

I found myself capturing a wide variety of moments that I had not previously imagined, my aesthetic style changing into one that was much more documentary and candid. I started doing more portrait work professionally, including family and children sessions. Never before has the equipment I used had such a dramatic effect on my desire to go out and work with my gear. I found myself shooting in new ways and being more creative. Previously photography was something I did in isolation. Now it's something I share with others - even my wife, which means I'm more likely to actually feature in some photos myself!

Fast forward two years, and I have now invested fully in the Sony system, moving to the A6300, A7RII, and a range of professional Sony lenses which I use exclusively in my wedding and portrait work. I also now have two children, following the birth of my daughter last year. She too has become a recurrent subject in front of my cameras. Through my photography, I aim to capture people in their ordinary, or natural environment and document real-life experiences and interactions in an artistic manner. My equipment helps me achieve this vision every time I'm on a shoot.