Jul 21, 2017 2

South Side High School Friends, class of 1969

About a year and a half ago, I decided to look for an old high school buddy. Hadn't seen him in soon to be 50 years. When we graduated from high school, he went in to the service and I went to an apprenticeship at GE. We just kinda lost each other.  I fired up the interweb to search for him. I found him. Actually I found his obituary, as he had died about 2 months before. I have a couple other high school buddies that live close by and told them what I found. After we talked, we decided that we should get together for breakfast and coffee once a week. We could talk about tools, cars , retirement and other assorted conversation. One thing led to another and other classmates that heard what we were doing asked if they could partake. We now have 65 members signed on to our group. We have classmates all over the country that can't wait to read our FB report for the weeks gathering to see who was there and who got blamed for spilled coffee. We have no president of the organization, as we are all in charge. We only have one rule: if you are not there, you could be blamed for spilled coffee, even if we didn't spill any. We don't make extra effort to find members, just each member does word of mouth as they run across former classmates. Graduation scattered us in 360 degrees and made tracking tuff, especially for the girls that married and changed their names.  We started our freshman year with 750, graduated 625, and there is about half of those left. The crowd seems to keep getting smaller. It's our mission to get together and have a good time while we can. We have regulars that show up every week, and some that are still working that make it every couple of months or so. But the group has become a very close group of friends that communicate frequently. It seems that if there was ever any barriers, social, financial, religious, or other wise, they are gone. We find ourselves walking side by side, down the same road. I hope this story causes other retired classmates to find a way to share some good times.