Jul 10, 2017 15

The power of a camera

My name is Daniel Lopez and I am at videographer based out of San Antonio Texas. I travel around Texas shooting music festivals throughout the year. I have been using my A7 ii with the 28-70 kit lens to capture all these moments.

It all began in October of 2016, where I had snuck may way into Mala Luna, San Antonio's first big music festival. It was simple, I brought my camera mounted to my glidecam and walked in as if I was supposed to be there. 

Getting in for free was great, but the thrill of getting in was better. Security at every entrance making sure people have credentials to access the festival or the VIP area, but with a camera at my side, thats all they needed to see. 

While attending these music festivals, I've been able to meet other videographers, photographers and the different media companies that shoot certain festivals. Little did I know I was able to land a connection to one of the best media service production companies. 

While looking up "filming an EDM festival" on youtube, I found a video that showed the Eyewax team filming Something Wonderful 2016. Eyewax Films is Los Angeles based multimedia artists that really enjoy loud music. Liking there Facebook page, my dad had noticed and told me he had hired them for a job of his in the past. One email let to another and before I knew it, I actually was apart of the festival crew.   

Music Festival/Concert Reel

The Eyewax team allows me to tag along while we shoot the festival and create day recaps before noon the next day! Not only is it a great work experience but I'm surrounded with other filmmakers that make it a one on one learning experience as well. 

From freshman to junior year I was the typical high school kid with no insight for what the future holds. But beginning my senior with my Sony A7ii, everyone knew me as the camera guy. Whether I was creating recaps of my school football team, shooting senior portraits, or music festivals, I was always supported by those around me. Nonetheless I finished high school learning my passion for creating content. The journey truly begins!