May 15, 2017 7

Member from the beginning

My name is D. Krieger from Germany. 2006, when i was 16 years old, my older brother take me to many trips with his camera and finaly gave me my first digital camera. The konica minolta dynax 5d after his switch to the sony alpha 100. My dream come true.

We both didn't know what the future will bring to us. Will sony stopped the development of new cameras or not? The first positive sign: we can use our old minolta equipment. Few month later i visit my brother with my brand new sony a200. He didn't notice, but when i push the trigger he realize that there is something different. A new sound, a new chapter began. Sony take our hearts. My brother enters the pro-segment and i take further photos with my entry-level apsc-cameras. He switched from the a100 over to the a700-a850-a65-nex6 and then finaly the a7+rx1. But this is his story. After my a200 i buy the a37 und now i ended up in my a6000. This is the best camera i've ever had. I love this camera. Sony totally surprised us with his innovations. Every new camera will cause a must-have feeling. I'm glad to be a sony-user since the beginning of dslr's. I regret nothing.

Thank you, Sony.