Apr 12, 2017 3133

Photography with my Dad

I started messing around with photography when I was young, but I didn't really begin to see myself as an amateur photographer until it became a shared hobby of my dad and I.

When I was in college, my dad picked up the hobby and got himself a DSLR. He started showing me his photos and talking about places he wanted to go to shoot. I knew from then I was hooked.

I wanted to join him in shooting, so I bought my first Sony full-frame mirrorless camera. It was lightweight, incredibly advanced, and I could even use my dad's old legacy lenses on it!

We started shooting together all around, teaching each other editing techniques and giving tips on photography. But there was one place we really wanted to go take photos together.

During the winter solstice week in Big Sur, California, the sun sets through a keyhole in a rock sitting just off the beach. It's an incredible experience and I wanted to shoot it with my dad.

We drove there for several hours to get there before the sun goes down, only to find the access road closed. We couldn't just go home, having planned for this opportunity all year. We decided we had to park on the side of the highway and decided to hike down. A couple miles later, jogging to catch the sunset at its peak, we reached the beach in time. Setting up our tripods, we were able to catch the last sunbeams streak through the hole in the rock. It was perfect!