Oct 25, 2017 3

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Tenant Placement Services

Are you a landlord? Do you own a rental property? If you answer ‘yes’ to these questions, then you’d possibly be looking for a tenant. But how do you get a qualified tenant who can stay long assuring a steady flow of rental income?

Here are five reasons why using a professional tenant placement service is the right thing to do:

1. Background Checks

A tenant is that perfect stranger with whom you want to feel safe. When you get one, it becomes important for you to understand the essential role played by background checks. While you won’t have any problems when it comes to running these checks yourself, hiring a pro will be advantageous for you. They know what to and what not to look for.

Moreover, you’ll feel confident when a professional chooses a good tenant. Why? Because they’re very thorough when it comes to running background checks.

2. Avoid Vacancies

As a rental property owner, you will understand that the vacant property seems more like a worst nightmare. It’s a loss of huge amount of money which any landlord can earn by getting a qualified tenant. If you want to enjoy a continuous flow of rental income, you need to hire a professional tenant placement company. They will make sure that there are good tenants looking for the rental property and the rent payment is consistent.

3. Marketing

If you have a rental property, it will be next to impossible for you market your property the way a professional tenant placement service provider does. A pro will be aware of the latest marketing techniques and will create excellent advertising campaigns that will attract the tenants.

4. Get Qualified Tenants

Finding good tenants is no walk in the park. The only way to decide whether a tenant is suitable for your property or not, is to check their history. Doing so will take a lot of your valuable time. Hiring a professional tenant placement company will be wise as they will carry out stringent pre-screening of tenants.

5. Identify Various Ways to Increase Rent

Well, some repairs might not seem mandatory, but when you shell out a little extra toward some repairs, it’ll benefit you in every way. Once done, you can charge more rent. Most rental property owners don’t understand the importance of getting repairs. This is because they have only one or a few rental properties. This is where the role of professional tenant placement services comes in.


It’s wise to hire someone who’s adept at finding good and qualified tenants for rental property owners. Using professional tenant placement services will be the right thing to do.