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What are fire door systems?

The fire doors prevent the spread of a fire between fire sectors and are also the evacuation routes for people.

These systems are usually connected to an automatic detection system and fire alarm through activation relays, so that the central detection through programming performs actions that make the fire doors automatically close through retainers or electromagnets.

Importance of fire door systems

Through the maintenance of these systems, we perform a specific maintenance on the fire doors and, also, from Solar Prevention we check the communication manoeuvres between the detection a center that commands the automatic closing of the doors.

The fire doors are the evacuation routes of people, so in their maintenance, we review in detail until the last element, since blows, dents, friction, descuelgues or any other fault can cause a door does not open in a situation of evacuation, with the consequences that this could entail.

A fundamental aspect to preserve the effectiveness of a Fire Door Maintenance. It is a task of vital importance to ensure the operation of the door in case of emergency.

The maintenance operations to which the installed doors must be subjected and the periodicity thereof must be those determined by the manufacturers in the instructions and maintenance sheets of the products supplied.

Main characteristics of fire doors

• Compartmentalisation: act as a barrier against fire, delaying the advance of the fire.

• Self-closing: they must be closed autonomously, after each opening, or when being released by the electromagnet that holds the door open.

Correct installation

• Follow the fire door expert contractors instructions

• Install anchorage to the floor of the lower flap of the two-leaf doors.

Install all the required components

• Door closers, locks, handle, in tumescent gasket, glass, anti-panic, following the manufacturer's instructions.

• Do not install items not expressly authorized by the manufacturer

Proper use and frequent maintenance

• Self-closing capacity: absence of obstacles, checking the closing speed, checking the leaf-frame and leaf-ground adjustment.

• Useful life: due to the characteristics of the components and additives that constitute the internal insulation of the fire door, its useful life is estimated at a maximum of 20 years. If the state of deterioration of the door or its components is serious, it is obligatory to replace these or the complete door before expiring that period.


• Fire doors act as a barrier against fire, delaying the advance of the fire.

• They must be closed autonomously, after each opening.

• Periodic inspections must be carried out to ensure that the door is operational.

• When installing and maintaining the fire door, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

• The lifespan of a fire door is estimated at 20 years.