Apr 10, 2018 1

Do's and Dont's You Should Know before Fire Door Inspection

It doesn't need to be inspected only if it is installed in a hospital or in any commercial property, fire door needs to be properly inspected when it is installed in cinema halls or any other area. You might be willing to follow all steps to check the safety measures for your employees and visitors. In a hospital and cinema halls, we have noticed fire doors installed at the excavation route of a building. This takes you to the exit points from a building for a feasible exit. Every fire door should be installed by a team of expert with all measures followed to receive or deliver the end results with complete safety. It protects the crowd to take a safe exit from the hazardous area. Inspection of the fire doors are important for make sure that safety of employees, patients, equipment and other assets exposed to the risk in the event of fire.

Let's have a look onto do's and don'ts for the inspection of fire doors:


  • Call an expert team to get fire doors inspected properly in order to ensure compliance at par with the federal, state and local regulations.
  • Look for any visible sign of damage on the door or its components if you see any wire mess glass or seals. These kinds of suspicious hazards can crack the holes in the glass causing the fire spread across the floors.
  • Check the fire doors if it opens and closes easily so that it can work properly and well-built to block fires.
  • You are advised to keep a record of your fire door inspection maintenance reports to analyze the history of repairs and maintenance issues.
  • Look for the proper arrangement of fire protection equipment and extinguishers which should work properly and in a close range.


  • Do not delay fire barrier systems like fire doors and dampers which gives you a great potential to save lives in case of fire.
  • Never forget to thoroughly inspect your fire doors or call a team for the complete inspection or maintenance.
  • In case a fire has taken place, don't forget to inspect after it thoroughly. There is a chance of getting damaged some of the components after the fire. Therefore, door me require some parts to be repaired or maintained.
  • Annual inspection is a must so never ignore the regular maintenance and timely repairs as ignorance can cause severe damages.