Aug 03, 2018 5

Key Features Present in Quality Technical Trading Indicators

Technical trading indicators or trading systems are the popular tools used by active traders and investors who rely on technical analysis to make trade decisions and manage risk. But, if you think that they will paint an accurate picture all the time, you are wrong. Rather they will help the trader to make educated decisions by seeing and using technically analyzed data to decipher trend direction, strength, targets, and potential stalling points. These indicators can help to improve the chances of realizing profits consistently.

When it comes to understanding markets and deciphering charts, technical trading indicators prove to be highly effective. The only thing to be careful about, however, is how to choose the best trading indicators. You should look for certain qualities that make a trading indicator great! In this article, we will guide you on how to know that a trading indicator is exceptional or an ordinary one.

Color-Coded Charts

The first and the fundamental quality of an extraordinary trading indicator is the color-coded charts. The human brain is designed to interpret colors better and faster than other types of data. By seeing the color-coded signals as they appear on the technical charts, the technical traders are able to better predict the future trend of prices. Bar patterns simplify the job of extracting valuable information from these charts and allow the traders to approach every trade systematically. Moreover, because the color-coded charts are easy to read they improve a trader's situational awareness, allowing them to quickly decipher and respond to market activity.

Statistical Charts

The primary quality of trading indicators is that they are based on rigorous statistical and mathematical principles, and therefore, are probability driven. The indicators based on statistical models can rapidly recognize trends, corrections, and low-risk patterns. The feature of being probability driven provide traders the technical acumen to recognize high probability moves in the market. In this way they allow the traders and investors to set goals to help them minimize their losses and maximize profits.

Filtering Options

The best trading indicators are those that help you to filter signals! These indicators provide traders and users the option of making depth analysis of multiple time frames. In this way, the users are able to capitalize on the unlimited opportunities that the markets present to them. These indicators are driven by the historical price moments and that’s how they help in arriving at more accurate predictions for the future. With more practice, the users get to read the macro and micro signals more accurately.


To make the conclusion it is advised that an active trader should keep these three things in mind as they explore the available trading indicators. These features will help the traders pick the best trading indicators and that, in turn, will help them achieve consistent returns from their investments, secure their positions, and manage trade risk.