Jun 03, 2017 331

Taking The Back Roads

To me, cars and photography go hand in hand. If you have put in countless hours of labor, time, and money into your precious car but you have no quality pictures of the progression of your build, does it really count? What I’m trying to say is that, now more than ever due to social media, a picture really goes a long way.

Not wanting to rely on anyone to document the progress of my car for me, I decided to pick up a good old-fashioned textbook on digital photography. Excited, I attended car meets in neighboring cities for inspiration and insight as to how to improve my car, as well as document its progress, along with the progress of fellow enthusiasts builds.

Eventually, the time came where I wanted more out of my current camera so the hunt to find my first full frame camera began. When I came across Sony’s line of full-frame mirrorless I was baffled. Very low noise at high ISO, high true resolution, great overall image quality, all partnered with an electronic viewfinder that displays the exact image you’re about to capture before you actually press the shutter button. I couldn’t believe this wizardry, nonetheless, I was sold.

Meeting friends with similar interests in both cars and photography really sparked my interest, especially when they introduced me to driving as a sport. It was broken down to me recently by a friend into three simple factors: Throttle, Brake, and Steering.

Now, these things may seen very straightforward as it is something most of us do on a daily basis, however, the thrill of it comes when you put these three factors to the test with some speed and tight and tricky chicane (S-shaped) or hairpin turns.

There isn’t much else that gives me a puzzling combination of adrenaline, focus, exhilaration, and fear all at the same time as taking a drive through a road like Highway 39. Miles and miles of peaceful back roads nestled in the Los Angeles National Forest make the perfect backdrop for a spirited yet relaxing drive.

If you time it just right, you’re in for a treat. A marvelous sunset will greet you as soon as you reach the Crystal Lake turnoff or at the Glendora Mountain Road viewpoint.

However, if there’s one thing I enjoy more than carving up back roads during the day, it’s carving up back roads at night. 

The sometimes unbelievable darkness adds an extra smidget of fear and difficulty, which makes it just a touch more satisfying when you reach your destination. Not to mention, the welcoming by a sky full of stars is pretty awesome too.

So, go for a drive, relax, and just go shoot.