We make the pursuit of pleasure just that much more accessible.

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For people who go after what they want. 

At Crave, we believe that sexual pleasure, intimacy and satisfaction are at the core of being human. We believe that sex is healthy, wholesome and playful, that delight and flirtation provide vital sparks to everyday life. We believe that people crave a variety of sexual experiences and that there should be no judgment, stigma, or shame about that desire. 

We believe that women have been underserved in the market for quality toys, accessories and devices. The design, manufacture and material choices for sex toys have been poor, and the shopping experience has been off-putting for many, which has created a longstanding perception of a lack of quality in the category at large. 

With Crave, we want to change the way women experience sex toys.

We like to talk about sex. 

Our product development process begins with conversations with hundreds of women about what they enjoy, what matters to them, what turns them on and what turns them off. Our woman-led design team develops initial design prototypes in-house, and then tests and refines the products with real women, solo and with partners. 

Think Globally, play locally.      

From the design phase, we spec and source best-in-class materials from all over the world to insure every component is durable, body-safe and optimized for performance. We do all final assembly and testing in our San Francisco offices to make sure every Crave product meets our highest standards.

We created Crave because we craved something better. 

Since joining forces in 2010, Michael and Ti have assembled a strong team of designers, engineers, quality assurance testers and customer support enthusiasts. They took their groundbreaking design for the Duet directly to market in a first-in-the-category crowdfunding endeavor on the international design funding platform CKIE.com in August 2011. That effort raised $104,000 from over 950 backers - 694% of the original target and garnered significant attention across the web.

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