Benefits of ERP: How to Choose a Reliable ERP Provider

ERP which stands for enterprise resource planning refers to the systems and software packages used to manage day-to-day business activities in an organization. Take for example accounting, procurement, project management and manufacturing, having an ERP system will enable you to effectively manage several processes with ease and highest precision.

A next generation ERP system not just ties together and defines a plethora of business processes but also improves the flow of the data between them. It eliminates the chances of data duplication which was a common concern among organizations before the advent this cutting-edge technology.

It does not matter how big or small a business is what it does, an ERP system will help run the business smoothly and hassle-free. To these companies, ERP is as indispensable as the electricity that keeps the lights on.

Here are some of the benefits of ERP for bususiness:

• Improved business insight— it provides you with great insights from real-time information generated by reports.

• Lower operational costs— It reduces the cost of operation by streamlining your business processes.

• Enhanced collaboration: ERP allows all users access to thedata collected from contracts, requisitions, and purchase orders.

• Improved efficiency— It boosts a business’s operational capacity and maximize on the efforts and resources by providing a common user experience across many business functions and managed business processes.

• Consistent infrastructure—from the back office to the front office, ERP gives you an ability to manage all business activities with ease and highest precision.

• Reduced risk—it lowers the risks of data misuse or theft by providing improved data integrity and financial controls. This also reduces the management and operational cost.

Choosing a reliable ERP provider

Having an ERP system was too expensive for small and medium businesses a few years ago. But with the advent of cloud, the cost is no longer a concern, and SaaS solutions allow businesses even smaller ones to harness the power of the ERP system that big conglomerations have making benefits of in growing their business.

All you need to do is just find a reliable ERP provider who can help you build an ERP system designed around a common, define data structure with a common database. There are many ERP providers in Dubaiwho will help you design ERP system that provides access to enterprise data from multiple activities using common constructs and definitions and common user experiences.


There are several online ERP software in Dubai but Craft provides cloud based open source Online software with customization as per client requirement. We provide consolidated MIS reports which will give value and ROI for the customers. ERPNext has started getting customer values in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and several other emirates. Implementing ERP will cost your time and money and where craft can give the value of successful implementation. We have several successful implementation stories of ERP software deliveries in UAE.


We would like to introduce an Open Source ERP Software solution called ERPNext. Main modules of ERPNext are as follows.

• Finance/ Accounts

• Inventory Management/ Stock


• Sales

• Purchase • HR, Payroll & WPS

• Projects

• Production

• Maintenance

• Asset Management

ERPNext – Craft Interactive Technology

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