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Planning Holidays In Egypt With Guided Tours

People who want to see amazing historical sites and structures, pyramids, monuments, sphinx, tombs, and temples must find a travel company that offers Egypt guided tours and book a holiday for family and friends. It is a private custom tour to the ancient land of Egypt in which you get the facility of trained guides and top Egyptologists who accompany you in your journey and explain the important facts about the attractions and locations. You get a chance to be close to the locals and know about their culture and history. Egypt has some very good sightseeing locations that you must visit when you travel to the place.

Egyptian civilization is very old and occupies an important place in history. A tour to Egypt gives you once in a lifetime opportunity to discover the ancient ruins and structures. You mingle with the native citizens and taste the authentic cuisine of the country. The guides have very good knowledge of the attractions and are experienced in the tourism industry. Licensed Egyptologists guide you in your journey. You must enjoy a Nile cruise and explore the vast stretches of the Nile River. Best facilities and luxurious accommodation are available for a cruise in the Nile.

Visitors like to explore the capital city Cairo. The city has a combination of old and modern culture. The cost of Egypt guided tours covers the expenses on accommodation, food, guides, transportation, and the cost of visiting the attractions and tourist sites. You can get private vehicles for visiting the attractions. Tour guides give vital information that helps in knowing Egypt in a better way.

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