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5 Major steps to Protect yourself from Air pollution in Delhi

We know people find it challenging to find ways on how to preserve yourself from air pollution into Delhi. The air pollution in Delhi has gone dangerous than ever. People residing in the city are fighting every day to inhale clean air. Being the national capital of India, Delhi along with its nearby cities are beholding odd weather conditions all other week, which is why people are seen howling about common health issues which have now matured part of their lives. In this post today, we will discuss about how to protect ourselves and the kids from air pollution in Delhi.

Parents frequently worry about their children’s health. Nevertheless, most of the times they don’t recognize the reason why their kids experience health issues. It has been noticed that kids are more inclined to health issues created by air pollution than grown-ups. Hence, it is essential that pollution mask for kids must be given equal importance.

Here are some of the best health care tips that tell how to preserve your family from air pollution in Delhi.

1. Avoid from morning walks through high pollution days

We all know the importance of morning walk for great health. Nevertheless, during high pollution days, reaching out for any sort of outdoor activities is not a safe option. Protect yourself of air pollution by using an anti-dust mask that is specially created to help you breathe in clean air.

2. Use of Nasal filters and pollution mask

Pollution in Delhi is now a permanent issue. Use air pollution mask in every situation when your kids or any family member steps out of the house. Inhaling bad air quality can be dangerous for one’s health. Be assured to take your face mask along with you whenever you are required to go out.

3. Use air filtering plants

Yes this is a another brilliant way to understand how to preserve yourself from air pollution in Delhi – a city which has dropped to the increasing pollution level – is to have air purifying plants inside home. Building, school, café or your comfy home space – install air-purifying indoor plants that help to detox the poor air quality.

4. Select air purifier for allergies

In case, you or your friends plus family member are sensible to dust moreover allergies then an air purifier for sensitivities is the best choice to fight indoor air pollution. Air purifier for dirt is a great stay for anyone who has a long-term respiratory problem.

5. Replace cabin air filter for excellent air quality

Most of the times, vehicle indoor air pollution is left overlooked when we discuss about indoor air pollution. Connecting the best cabin air filter in your car can increase the air quality by 99%. It will help clear the dust particles and the offensive smell that you perpetually wondered where it is originating from.

In case you acknowledge how to protect yourself from air pollution in Delhi – it converts easily to live free and stay healthy.