May 09, 2016 0

Presenting our project

We are two brothers, Massimiliano and Sebastiano Ciullo, from Italy and we're selftaught 3D CG artists working to create our own games and movies brand: CIULLO CORPORATION.

Our journey started around 2010 when, instead of keep modding, we decided to try build our own videogame... since then we slowly learned how to make models, how to rig and animate meshes and how to code. Counting only on our own skills and determination, we built our own network on the writings (The Guardians of Fate saga and some other tales' and poems' collections) of the elder of us, Massimiliano, and our hardly achieved progresses in graphic design and animation: on the actual state we've already developed a working prototype of an hybrid videogame, STAR QUORK Cyoven'Hant, which allows each player (even on LAN matches) to choose indipendently from FPS, third-person or RTS control interface. However there are still some bugs and details to fix before a public release...

So, after trying to get funds through Patreon and deviantART by selling there artworks and books, we landed here and we thought: won't it be cool if some people will wear a T-shirt with one of our desings? I'm just trying to figure the face of our friends when this is going to happen...