We’re inspired by modern and mid-century design to create timeless bent plywood products that will last generations.

Our Story

I’m Nicole and I design bent plywood furniture and home goods for bold modern curators.

Today, we seek out things to buy - products, furniture, home goods - that connect us to who we are and who we want to be. My furniture is inspired by those of us who connect with loved ones and the world around us by cultivating lively, creative, and welcoming spaces.

We want furniture and home goods that make a statement but are practical, durable, and comfortable enough to use every day. We need pieces that look fantastic and put a little smile on our faces every time we see them. Things that reflect our creativity, confidence and love. A curated collection that helps us create memorable moments with loved ones every day.

Those moments are what I design for.

Trained as both an engineer and a designer, and inspired by mid century and modern, I’m all about how the right furniture and home accessories can change not only the look of a room, but the mood of the people in it.

Home accessories, lighting, or furniture - I know you’ll find something here that will put that little smile on your face every day.

The crafting of bent plywood models from Jennifer Grant on Vimeo.

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