May 09, 2017 17

This One Morning in Bay Head

My Sony Story is a short story, written daily.

We own more than one local business. Which means exotic travel is not in the cards for the near future. We live at the Jersey Shore, though, and that's sort of like being on an extended vacation.

Each morning I take a mini-break, heading to the beach for sunrise. On many mornings, our stretch of the Atlantic has the perfect partly cloudy conditions that create BOOM color - no Lightroom presets required.

It's easy to be envious of other photographers' talents, equipment and travel habits, but wishing I was shooting (brilliantly) in some less-populated paradise with an A7r ii isn't going to make me any better at the craft, so I capture nearby images - of anything - all day long with my beloved A6000. Sunrise is my favorite subject - it's peaceful and beautiful on the beach at 5:45am!

These photos were taken within minutes of each other on the same April 2017 morning in Bay Head, NJ with a SEL16F28 lens and ultra wide converter. SOOC.

I love how quickly the color changes!