Jan 20, 2017 17

Something to pass on.....

I love, love, love quality products.  I want to support American manufacturers.  I want to buy things that last and that I can pass on to my son.  I found it in Ghurka.  Last year at this time, I was looking online for a new handbag and I stumbled upon Ghurka.  I purchased the Rover #66.  OMG!  What a beautiful bag!  I get compliments on it all the time and the patina is getting better every day.  Since last year, I have purchased all 3 sizes of the Cavalier duffel bags, the Express #2, the Scout handbag, the small notepad cover #236 and the Passport cover #155.  I also purchased a Vintage Sherwood #74 bag on Ebay.  All these will be passed on to my son and his wife.  Money well spent and invested.