Jul 21, 2017 0

My sony TV

My name is Christopher Valencia. I bought my Sony TV XBR-65X930D from Dell last January, 2017. It took me 6 months of excitements and joy of watching my TV until something went wrong w/ my screen. I called Sony w/ the help of Dell and what a surprised I was. Immediately, support technician from another country (call center) talk to me and help me through in resolving my problem. He told me that Sony will replace my TV w/ a new one. It was so fast. So when the day came  that they delivered my TV ( I was at work), my wife was so happy upon seeing our new TV. So, When I arrived, I was surprised that my TV wasn't 65" but rather, They delivered me a 75" Sony TV. I was thinking that they might have delivered a wrong one but until now, I haven't heard anything from Sony yet So, right now, I am just enjoying watching from my new TV and It really amazed me w/ the color, picture & sorround sound. I really like Sony ever since. Actually, my cellphone is a Sony Xperia Z3.