Jul 07, 2017 7576

Wandering the Golden State

In California, we work hard and play hard, and my wife and I are no exception to the rule. After long stretches of overtime, nothing recharges our batteries like weekend road trips through the Golden State.

Our adventures span beyond the gray cubicle walls to reach the color, textures, and joy thriving within ancient forests, warm beaches, and nostalgic amusement parks.

After long weeks of work, the main focus of our weekends is to recharge and have fun.  Since we're a creative couple, we're always looking for sources of inspiration.  Sometimes we seek the peace and quiet of a seaside sunset, and sometimes we want to be invigorated by a thrilling adventure.  As long as we're making memories together and sparking our creativity in the process, we'll call it a great weekend.

As photographers, we're always tempted to bring the best and biggest camera gear to help us create memories on these trips, but as seasoned travelers, we understand the benefits of keeping our travel bag light.

Our go-to trip camera is the Sony RX1. It's small, light, and has the most beautiful 35mm lens we've had the pleasure of using. Though we've owned this tiny camera for quite some time, the quality of the pictures never ceases to amaze us. When we need more versatility, we take the a6300 and an appropriate lens, and we're ready to head out the door.

With our unobtrusive and versatile Sony gear, we're able to toss a camera in our bag, forget about fussing over accessories, and rest assured that we will be able to capture the delicate sugar stars on light saber churros, an electrical parade teeming with faeries, or the peaceful solitude of a lone tree on a grassy hill. 

When creativity strikes, we trust our Sony cameras to capture our best memories not only as how we see them, but how we felt in that very moment. After all, making a pretty picture is nice, but having an image that can rekindle fond memories is priceless. 

If you'd like to follow our future adventures, check us out on Instagram @photosoedarmo!