My Love Affair with Sony Cameras

I began digital photography back in 2004 with a simple Kodak digital 2MP camera. Within 4 years I was the Lead Photographer & Marketing-Listing Manager for a Large Real Estate firm in Lake Forest using a Sony R-1. The more I used Sony - the more I loved it. I quit smoking in 2009 & saved that money to buy my 1st DSLR; a Sony A55 (still one of my favs) much to my colleagues' in photography dismay (canon people). Until they saw the size (or lack thereof) & the photos I produced. I now own (2) NEX 5, NEX C3, NEX 7 & a Full Frame A7. I have many Sony lenses (of course) including 16m with the Wide angle adapter (3 sets) as well as the fisheye adapter for fun. The NEX 7 is my little HDR Real Estate Workhorse. I take all my own listing photos & occasionally take them for other agents. I've done fashion shows (local) as well as senior photos, Vacation pics (above is in New Orleans) . I am a Sony girl through & through!