Jan 22, 2017 1230

Influencial Style

I recieved the Cavalier ||| No. 98 from my boyfriend as a gift. This bag replaced an older travel companion. I love the color black, my boyfriend knows it, and in good taste, he thought this Ghurka would be a excellent fit! I travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles regularly for business. On one such day, I arrived at my gate, sat down and placed my beautiful bag in the seat between myself and a fellow business traveler. He was on the phone, but he still managed to graciously mouth "Hello," and eyed my bag. When he finished his cell phone conversation, he turned to me and asked what kind of bag it was. I looked at him, smiled and told him Ghurka. He remarked, "Classy." About 3 weeks later, I find myself at the same Gate, waiting for my regular flight and another passenger placed their bag in the seat between us. I look up to greet the fellow passenger and of course it was the same man from 3 weeks ago with a black Cavalier ||| No. 98! He smiled at me and I laughed. After exchanging a few more pleasantries, we had a wonderful conversation about Ghurka's quality, style, and travel durability. My favorite line from our conversation was when he said, "What can I say? Your bag spoke to me."