May 09, 2017 5

My inner artist

It all started many years ago as a fun thing to do with my mom (I was approximately 10 years old) , taking  photos of our horses early in the morning or late in the evening in those "magic hours". We only had film camera and would both wait as patiently as we could for them to finish being processed then we'd pick them up at the super market where there was a photo center and since we couldn't wait to go through them in the car, we'd rip open the photo packet right there in the store and flip through them together. I loved the "what are we going to find?,how did we do?" Feeling. I still have my first "I'm in love!" photo. It was a sunset on our drive home where the sun rays were raking through our mountains and hitting the valley floor, it was breath taking. 

    Fast forward 17-18 years, my husband some how sensed my love for photography or more accurately saw my attempts at capturing images with my phone and running into that wall where you could go no further. Don't get me wrong, I love my phone and the technology that allows such amazing pictures but you can only do so much.  So my husband of 8 years at that time asked a good friend who was a photographer what kind of camera he should get for me for our anniversary. They recommended a Sony Nex 6 and I LOVED it! 

   I would arrive to work early just so I could get that sunrise photo or would spend my whole lunch break getting a shot of a splash in a puddle. I love nature and would plead with my hubby to take me somewhere new each weekend so I could photograph it, that's the great thing about Oregon, we are surrounded by waterfalls and amazing landscapes. I started a Instagram account to share my photos and have since connected with many other photographers through Instagram and Facebook groups. I've also upgraded from my beloved Nex 6 to a Sony a 7r and occasionally a Sony a 7rii (when my mom lets me borrow it) my favorite lens is my moms 85mm 1.8f zeiss batis. I love how it makes objects pop! Locally my photos have been featured in multiple businesses. Though I started out in nature and architecture and continue to take those, I've ended up mainly in portraits and weddings, which I love. I am a shy person and people just took some working up to for me personally, now that I am there I am enjoying it immensely and my confidence is building. I am realizing what my camera is capable of and always exploring new methods. 

I've recently started exploring photoshop. I've always had Lightroom and had so much fun working with it but photoshop....WOW! That's what I love about my job/hobby/love, I'm never bored or done, there is always something new and amazing to learn and try out. Thank you Sony