May 21, 2017 1544

Life is an adventure

I started taking picture when I was 8. My dad and step mum started taking my three sisters and I on trips all over the world every summer. I discovered places and people I had no idea of and I directly wanted to capture those fascinating things. I realized how exciting it was to play with my environment and try to capture the best out of it. The most rewarding was the look in my parents eyes, the pleasure they had when they were looking at those pictures

That’s how it all started. As I grew up, I was more and more excited by travelling the world, trying to capture those amazing landscapes, people, animals I had in front of my eyes that could sometimes make me cry with emotion and that I yearned to share with other people. People started telling me I had a good « eye » and that I should focus on photography so I started buying books about photography, reading and learning tips on internet, saving money to buy a good camera and good lenses, constantly trying to improve my photography skills. 

The emotion I feel when I’m in front of a wild open space is powerful, it’s like adrenaline, I feel alive and I wish every single person could be sharing this incredible sight

In a world where everyone is constantly focused on their phone and not actually living the moment, I want through my pictures to make people get out of their comfort zone and travel the world, discover new cultures, new people, talk, eat, laugh, get lost and live new experiences. I’ve come across many prodigious people through my adventures and I think everyone has an interesting story to tell, we should all listen more often

I’ve been a cowgirl in a ranch in Colorado; I’ve taught English to Lao people in the middle of the rainforest; I’ve planted rice with amazing women in Sri Lanka; I studied whales with enthusiasts in Madagascar; I surfed in the Philippines; I’ve climbed volcanos in Indonesia; I’ve hunted snakes in the Amazon jungle with a local guide called Rainbow….

Travelling is my passion and photography illustrates why...