Jul 22, 2017 9

Finally, After 65 Years...

For as long as I can remember my father always wanted to travel to Barcelona, Spain and watch Barcelona FCB play in a La Liga game. So, you may be asking how did we end up on a ledge near Bern Rose Garden overlooking Bern, Switzerland. It turns out when you look at a map of Europe all these beautiful countries are quite close to each other. Throw in the fact we were flying in from San Francisco, CA, we only had two weeks, and our wives gave us permission for this trip, we wanted to see as much as possible. What started as a dream of seeing Barcelona FCB play in a La Liga game turned into a 3 destination adventure of Amsterdam, Switzerland, and Barcelona. 

In Amsterdam we went to the Van Gogh Museum, "partied" in the streets, met amazing people, and appreciated the beautiful architecture that surrounded us. Our visit to the Anne Frank House was truly memorable. There is no place in the world for oppression and hate.

In Switzerland we were able to visit Zurich, Lucerne, Bern, Zermatt, and Geneva all in 5 days! My father kept up like a champion and even though he was tired of carrying 35 pounds on his back, he kept wanting to see more and more! We reached high elevations, celebrated Swiss carnival, and ate a whole lot of cheese!

Finally, Barcelona! We were able to visit the main attractions such as Montserrat, the Gothic Quarter, La Sagrada Familia, and wait for it...Camp Nou! We watched not only one, but two Barcelona FCB soccer games! In two weeks we took 6 flights and dozens of trains. We wouldn't have changed a single thing. I discovered that the bond between a father and son can be strong, but we must remember to celebrate that bond. Finally, at the ripe age of 65-years-old my father was able to visit Europe and yes, watch Barcelona FCB win two games at Camp Nou. 

I'm thankful to have had the Sony a7Rii and G Master 24-70 to document our trip with beautiful images and videos. The above photo was taken on the Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland during the Swiss Carnival. Just as this bridge has withstood the test of time (since 1333), so will our bond through memories, photos, and videos. Not every picture is perfect, but most importantly, they are true to the moment and heart.