Jul 09, 2017 6

Never happier

 I've attended hundreds of concerts in my life. one of my favorite hobbies has always been concert photography even as far back as the 80s, when we  were teenagers, we would sneak in disc cameras.  Me and my friends would be so happy when we would get our photos returned from the local photo developer and gaze upon our blurry 1 inch heroes. Then there was a period of several years were cameras were nearly impossible to get into a concert.  Over the last few years things have changed with the camera policy in concerts and small cameras with non-detachable lenses were allowed.  This was a game changer and a vast improvement over all my photos from the past that I thought were so amazing.  It's been almost a year since I owned my Sony RX 10 that was recommended to me by a local Photoshop,when I mentioned I need a camera that shoots well in the dark and has a non-detachable lens.  I was not disappointed with the results I got. This again was a game changer in my photo hobby and what I once thought was great photos several years ago, now looked like the old disc camera photos from the 80s. Simply put I have never been happier than when I switched to a Sony camera and look forward to making further purchases in their camera line down the road.