Jun 27, 2019 0

5 Reasons Why You Should Revive VHS Tapes by Digital Transfer!

Are you still holding on to those memories stored in VHS big sized tapes, then this article is just right for you!!

With latest advancements in technology, it is likely to happen that soon those VCRs which are used to play VHS tapes will become hard to find making your favourite VHS tapes difficult to play.

Yes, we know Old is Gold but it can't be true in terms of ever-changing technology and their developments. Here I am providing you with 5 best reasons that will probably tempt you to convert your VHS tapes in digital format as soon as possible:

Shift in Technology

VHS tapes i.e. short for Very High-Speed tapes were popular in around the era of the 1970s when large cameras were used to record memories and store them in these big VHS tapes. But now there is a shift in the tale. As time will pass new technology will take place of the old

one and soon those VCRs which are used to play those VHS tapes will disappear from the world. So, its right time to convert those VHS with the time in hand.

Preserving Memories

Old memories are precious and they help in the evolution of the human race. As time passes those tapes will become obsolete and their picture quality will deteriorate with time. If you want to preserve your memories or share your past experience with the young generation, they should be transferred with the help of professionals only. There are many service providers out there who can provide you with the services of VHS to digital transfer.

Easy Transfer

In the digital file transfer process, the file is saved in a universal format making them playable on almost all platforms like mobiles, tablets and computers. These saved video files can be easily transferred using USBs or other storage devices. By using cloud storage these videos can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

If those VHS tapes are valuable for the public at large these digital videos can be distributed on a large scale using various storage mediums.

Copy Protection

Along with digital files, you can also ask your service providers for some extra security of your valuable data. While converting your VHS video into DVD or CD they can also apply some protection to the videos so that these cannot be further copied without the permission of the owner.

Space and Appearance

Those big sized VHS tapes are surely very cumbersome to handle and store. They are generally not very durable in terms of picture quality and sound quality. These are playable only on big sized VCRs. Obviously, no one would like a large TV size player in their contemporary drawing or living room. On the other hand, digital files can be stored in the form of CDs and DVDs requiring minimal space for storage.


The time has come when you should preserve your old tapes for future use. Transferring old files will make them playable in the latest devices. It will also extend the life of your videos in DVD or CD format. You can find a number of professionals offering the services of VHS to digital file transfer in competitive rates.