Jan 21, 2018 406

From the southwest to beyond

It's no secret that I like to travel. I lived abroad in high school, worked for an airline throughout college, and as soon as undergrad was over I boarded a plane to Kathmandu with little more than my passport in hand. I left Nepal with an engagement ring and a new life before me to live with my husband in India. Though I've always been a desert girl, I quickly adjusted thanks to the savory crisp masala dosas and riotous colors--a lovely Indian community doesn't hurt either! 

Now we still travel: Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Portugal, Italy, Argentina, you name it. Our favorite kind of place is not so much the polished streets of Paris, but the rugged beauty of the Andes and the off roads of Bagan. I knew I needed a bag to handle our lifestyle. When looking for a brand, I believe Ghurka chose me: a subtle American-made bag that can get me from point A to B in either a bus, jeep, or propeller plane. I've since acquired a small army of Ghurkas: from the trusted vintage Marley Hodgson to the stylish Doyenne, they each serve a specific purpose. Each will be an integral part of my many travels to come.