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Everything You Need To Know About Revoking Power Of Attorney From Appointed Agent

Power of attorney, unlike general perception, is not an absolute irrevocable document. In fact, there are many situations under which principals can revoke power of attorney granted to an agent, some of the most common circumstances among which include...

• Divorce / legal separations

• Incapacitation of the appointed agent

• Irrelevance of the mentioned provisions in the document

• And act of fraud / criminal actions / conviction of the agent

Occasions when the principal feels that another individual is more capable for the purpose or the current agent does not wish to shoulder the responsibilities can also call for revocation.

Process of Revoking POA from current Agent –

The principal of the POA basically needs to fulfil either of the two preconditions that legally justify the revocation...

(a) The principal should be in perfect mental / emotional health while making the decisions

(b) The conditions for revocation after incapacitation of the principal are clearly mentioned in the POA itself.

The process of revocation is usually very simple. Here, it is best advised to access proper forms for the purpose mostly because these forms contain sections for every essential detail that needs to be mentioned for the process to be legally valid. You can access legal power of attorney forms free online from trustworthy legal platforms for the purpose. For more information about getting a power of attorney form in Connecticut, please visit this website.

After filling the forms, it is necessary that the form is signed in the presence of a notary or as required by your state. Some states would require you to sign the revocation document in the presence of at least two witnesses that are known to you but not related to you.

This should be followed by informing the concerned agent that his / her powers has been revoked and he / she needs to return any document pertaining to the POA that may currently be in their possession. Always ensure that you send a copy of the revocation letter to the concerned agent via post as well as mail so as to keep evidence of this communication. This will complete the process legally. Please visit this site to get a sample power of attorney form in Michigan.

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